This Week's Crush: Bly's PlanetBox

Bly started preschool this past fall, and he is just loving it! On his first day, we dropped him off with a huge smile on his face, and he was still smiling ear to ear when we picked him up a couple hours later. Bly's first day was full of playing basketball, dancing, and showing his classmates how to rock a man purse. That's our #flyguybly!!

As you might’ve seen on Instagram, he used his adorable PlanetBox for lunch (so cute!) and as always, loved his food. I swear that boy would eat constantly if I kept putting food in front of him!

The stainless steel container is eco-friendly, free of BPA (and all that other toxic stuff!), and super easy to clean. This week I’m going to meal prep with Bly as my “helper” so he can taste the foods as we make them, see what goes into a healthy lunch, and hopefully learn how to make a balanced meal for himself one day in the far far far (trying not to think about it ;) ) future.