I get a lot of questions from soon-to-be moms, coaches, and friends about what it's like to have a safe, fit pregnancy. I'm answering some common ones today, but reach out if you have others- I'd love to help along your journey however I can!

IS IT SAFE? For me, the answer is yes. My body is used to these movements and I’ve checked with my doctor. If you’re hoping to have a fit pregnancy, make sure to communicate with your doctor and listen to your body every day. Typically we can continue doing what our bodies are used to, but each pregnancy is so different, so you need to check with an expert first!!

WHICH MOVEMENTS DO YOU AVOID? I stay away from sit-ups, toes to bar, and crunches- anything that is uncomfortable on my growing belly! It goes back to listening to your body. If something is uncomfortable, switch to a different activity. I’m still able to work my core with planks, lifting, and other exercises.

WHAT DO YOU WEAR? Because workout clothes are so stretchy, I continue wearing my normal athletic wardrobe. The last couple months I might switch bra sizes, but nothing special for the most part!

WHAT DO YOU EAT? I don’t take any special supplements because I believe in simply fueling your body with real food. I also don’t follow a specific diet plan- I just listen to what my body wants and try to fuel it responsibly. I do give in to the cravings sometimes though!! It’s part of the journey :)