Join our superhero squad!

Incoming!! The Watson five are here, just in time for National Superhero Day! It’s time to be a hero just like our favorites, the PJ Masks!

Last year’s celebration was so fun! We made our very own superhero names. Check them out below and get to know our superhero squad. Then read on to join us for this year’s mission. Buckle up!

First, we have Breeze, but you can call her The Amazing Speedy Songbird. Her superhero fuel is pizza, and she loves to power up with Owlette by her side. The Amazing Speedy Songbird has super strong hearing. Try to whisper as quietly as you can and see if she can hear you!

Next up, Montell is here suiting up as the Ultra Cool Songbird. Gekko is his best hero friend, and they love munching on some chicken wings after a long night of saving the day. The Ultra Cool Songbird has the superpower of positive thinking, so he knows there is never a challenge too big for him and his friends!

Who is that? Bly, or as we call him here, Captain Blue Songbird, just whizzed by. He’ll be hard to catch because his superpower is his lightning fast speed. When he’s not speeding around town, you can usually find him sharing a big bowl of salad with Catboy!

Merci is next! Her superhero alter ego is The Great Feathery Songbird, and she loves to hang out with Owlette. The Great Feathery Songbird gets her superhero fuel from pasta. She might be hard to see… squint really hard and look around for her. Still nothing? Her superpower is invisibility! 

Last, we have Williana! You can call her the Ultra Cool Songbird 2. She’s still little and learning her powers, but she loves to learn from her friend Owlette. Her superpower is her insane grip strength, and she can hang onto monkey bars longer than anyone! 

Now that you’ve met everyone, it’s time for you to buckle up and join the team! Everything you need to accept this year’s mission can be found in your official Hero Celebration Kit below! 

Mission 1 – Superhero Dance Party:
We all know every great superhero needs a theme song, so, your first mission is to “Make Your Move” with the PJ Masks!

Run like Catboy, flex like Gekko and flap you wings like Owlette as you rock out and bust a move while you stream all new music from your favorite trio of nighttime heroes, available on all major streaming platforms here.

Why stop there? Turn up the fun on your dance party mission by downloading the Make Your Move and PJ Dance Party activity sheets available here!

Mission 2 – Power up:
Your next mission requires you to power up and show off your awesome superpowers! Tap into your super cat speed, super owl eyes and your super lizard grip by downloading the PJ Power Game activity sheet!

Mission 3 – Rest and Re-fuel:
After all that dancing and flexing of your superpowers, put your feet up and watch your favorite heroes on screen. You can find all new PJ Masks episodes on Disney Junior, or even host your own PJ Masks marathon with episodes now on Disney+ and Netflix!

You can even enter to win your own pair of PJ Masks headphones to use while you watch your favorite shows. Head over to my Instagram (@EmilyBreeze) to enter the giveaway starting on 4/28/21.