Health is wealth- without it we’ve got nothing in life.

That’s my biggest motto that I live by. What’s yours? 

As you can probably tell from social media, I value authenticity too. I put it all out there- the PRs, the days I’m struggling with a fussy toddler, and all the sweet tooth cravings. 
I love how the recent Reebok article captures so much that’s important to me: being real and being healthy. Here's a snippet, but visit their blog read more, see what's in my locker of fav workout gear, and get connected to my programs!

WHO SHE IS: One fit mama who is NO stranger to competition. From playing college-level track and basketball, to competing in the CrossFit Games (not once but 4 times), and dominating the world of personal training, Emily Breeze is a force to be reckoned with.
WHAT SHE DOES: Breeze is a personal trainer and the leader of Charlotte’s largest bootcamp at STAX. She inspires people to be healthy, active, and authentic throughout every stage of life. While pregnant with her son Bly, she continued to train in CrossFit, attracting worldwide media attention catapulting her to social media fame and making her a global fitness inspiration.
WHY WE LOVE HER: She conveys her story and powerful message by creating and promoting fitness programs that even the busiest mom can fit into her jam-packed schedule.